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Summary of Arvid And Tyler Catch Up Podcast Episode: Platform Risk and What to Do About It

Podcast: Arvid And Tyler Catch Up
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— Description —

Arvid Kahl and Tyler Tringas had a productive week, featuring on podcasts and releasing interview episodes They discussed communication, sauna benefits, podcasting challenges, and entrepreneurship strategies Kahl shared his unique writing workflow and the importance of understanding others' circumstances

Tringas talked about his new routine, small apps, and dealing with a nerve issue They emphasized the value of setting deadlines, shared excitement about an upcoming event, and discussed the challenges of platform dependency Additionally, they highlighted the importance of finding niche problems and creating unique solutions, as well as the need for early assessments and building interoperable solutions

The conversation also touched on pricing strategies for a program and the benefits of mentorship in entrepreneurship They expressed enthusiasm for deadlines and discussed the timing and duration of their live podcast Tringas gave a shout out to MoveBetterSam, a physical therapist who helped him with a nerve issue through social media platforms.

Platform Risk and What to Do About It

Key Takeaways

  • Arvid Kahl had a productive week, being featured on a podcast and releasing a weekly interview episode.
  • Tyler Tringas shares his new routine and discusses various projects, including small apps and dealing with a nerve issue.
  • Arvid Kahl emphasizes the importance of understanding others' circumstances in communication and the benefits of having a sauna at home.
  • Arvid Kahl and Tyler Tringas discuss the challenges and strategies for podcasting, entrepreneurship, and pricing for a program.
  • They express the value of setting deadlines and share their excitement about an upcoming event.

Arvid Kahl's Productive and Impactful Week

  • Arvid Kahl had a great week, being featured on Yong Soo Chung's podcast, which was exceptionally well-produced and edited, setting a high standard for his own show.
  • He also released a weekly interview episode with Josh Spector, discussed sponsorships for his podcast, and enjoyed brainstorming and writing an article while taking a bath, showcasing a unique writing workflow.

Embracing New Routines and Innovations

  • Tyler Tringas shares his new routine of starting the day with a 20-minute sauna session, which he finds fantastic and a great addition to his routine.
  • He also discusses closing their fourth fund with around 200 investors and working on a suite of small apps called CalmFlow, leveraging no-code automation and AI integration.
  • Additionally, he talks about releasing two Slack-based apps, one for exporting threads and another for bringing ChatGPT into the workspace, and the observation of dealing with a persistent nerve issue, leading to a reminder to be patient and understanding with others.
  • Arvid Kahl shares his experience of listening to the audiobook 'Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality' and relates it to the fundamental attribution error, emphasizing the importance of understanding others' circumstances in communication.

Invest in a Home Sauna

  • Arvid Kahl emphasizes the importance of having a sauna at home, citing its health benefits and personal experience from his upbringing in Germany.
  • He believes that having a sauna at home makes it more accessible and likely to be used regularly, compared to having to go to a gym for it.
  • While acknowledging the expense, he still sees it as a worthwhile investment for one's health and well-being.

Sauna Popularity Sparks Personal Use Debate

  • The conversation highlights the growing popularity of sauna use due to research suggesting its health benefits.
  • Tyler Tringas mentions the challenge of finding a time to use the sauna due to its increasing demand, while Arvid Kahl discusses the idea of getting a personal sauna.
  • They acknowledge the potential differences in the effects of a personal sauna compared to a public one and consider it a good idea in general.

Boost Your Podcast Audience Now

  • Arvid Kahl and Tyler Tringas request listeners to share and review their podcast to boost its audience and improve its content.
  • They discuss the importance of being on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify for podcasters and the challenges of platform dependency.
  • They share their experiences and insights on mitigating platform risk, emphasizing the need for early pre-mortem assessments and building interoperable solutions.
  • They also highlight the value of finding niche problems and creating solutions that add unique value beyond platform capabilities.

Embrace Realistic Entrepreneurial Mentality

  • People tend to be overly optimistic about the regular case scenario when starting a business, but it's important to consider potential obstacles and challenges early on.
  • Mentorship in entrepreneurship should focus on imparting tacit knowledge that is hard to express, rather than being prescriptive about specific strategies.
  • The discussion about pricing for the Calm MBA program revolves around the idea of charging a significant amount to make it sustainable and valuable, while also considering purchasing power parity pricing to make it accessible globally.
  • A potential compromise for the pricing strategy is to have a portion of the seats PPP-adjusted for inclusivity while maintaining sustainability.

Set Hard Deadlines for Action

  • Tyler suggests setting a hard deadline for shipping something at their next meeting, indicating that they have done enough scoping and can put something out, whether it's a workshop or a course, for people to buy.
  • Arvid expresses excitement about deadlines, stating that they help him get things done and mentioning the upcoming microconf in Denver as a potential opportunity to communicate about the project to peers.
  • Tyler responds positively to Arvid's enthusiasm, acknowledging the great timing and expressing agreement with the idea of setting a deadline.

Podcast: Timing and Duration Matters

  • Arvid Kahl and Tyler Tringas are having a live podcast with a little audio hiccup.
  • They are discussing the timing and duration of the podcast, joking about the initial proposal of keeping it to 20 minutes.

Social Media: Healing and Support

  • Tyler Tringas gives a shout out to MoveBetterSam, a physical therapist who helped him with a nerve issue through Twitter and Zoom calls.
  • MoveBetterSam provided Tyler with YouTube videos and advice, giving him a head start and confidence in managing his condition.
  • Arvid Kahl expresses amazement at the ability to receive healing and support for nerve pain through social media platforms like Twitter.

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